With respect, comfort, security, and compassion we provide:

  • Ventilation support

  • A unique, homelike setting

  • 24-hour assisted care

  • Well-balanced meals and snacks

  • Caregivers trained specifically in ventilation care

  • Computer and Internet access, pets, homelike activities and programs

We invite you to learn more about us, and the services we offer for your ventilator-dependent patient, family member, or for yourself.

If you are a social worker, physician or nurse looking for a ventilated care facility for your patient, please visit the page For Health Care Providers.

If you are a family member looking for a homelike facility for your ventilator-dependent loved one, please visit the page For Family Members.

If you are a ventilator-dependent person, please visit the page For the Patient.

Welcome to Better Options Ventilator Care

You have just found the best homelike ventilator-dependent patient care facility for your patient, your loved one, or for yourself!

Better Options, an Adult Family Residential Center based in Vancouver, Wash., provides ventilator-dependent patient care in a residential setting.

In a homelike atmosphere, we integrate hospital-level, round-the-clock ventilator care, an advanced, skilled nursing staff and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Our small staff-to-patient ratio allows for close monitoring and comprehensive, compassionate resident care.

In addition to the extensive training we provide our ventilator therapists, they are also trained by manufacturers of medical ventilator and respiratory/breathing equipment.

Registered nurses and medical specialists, such as doctors and social workers, are always on-call to our residents and make house calls to our facility.

Taking care of resident's breathing and medical needs is only the beginning of the services we offer.

We also provide:
  •    Memory care
  •    Long-term care
  •    Bathing assistance
  •    Dressing assistance
  •    Incontinence care
  •    Bariatric care and specialty equipment
  •    Medication management
  •    Health monitoring and intervention
  •    Regular health checkups
  •    Safety checks, day and night
  •    Housekeeping and laundry services
  •    And much more!
    As much as possible, we:
    • Aim to make our residents’ lives comfortable and easy, helping them to lead richer and fuller lives.
    • Provide companionship, facilitate interactions, and create a joyful, vital environment.
    • Provide care tailored to each individual resident’s needs, likes and preferences.
    • Respect each resident's individuality and provide personal space and independence. Residents spend time in a way they enjoy, with a variety of recreational opportunities available.

    We provide our residents with complete emotional and medical support.  While respecting their independence and personal dignity is our priority, we ensure they are safe, well cared for and comfortable at all times.

    And our residents consistently tell us that they “feel safer and more relaxed” at our facility!
    Better Options Ventilator Care Adult Family Home
    15214 NE 25th Circle, Vancouver, WA, 98684
    (360) 607-8028

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